Stub Cable for Geophone

    There are four types of Stub cables for geophone containing 23 lengths of conductor, the outside diameter are: 4.6mm, 5.2mm, 5.8mm and 7.8mm. The pull of the cables ranges from 600N to 1300N. The cables are divided into both no-waterproof and waterproof types of the cables.

Item WT-2~3 Stub for Geophone
Type of field Dry or In water
Water blocking material No or Yes
Maximal operational depth 10m
Outside diameter 4.6mm5.2mm 5.8mm 7.8mm
Minimum jacketthickness 0.6mm~1.8mm
Jacket material TPU
Operating temperature range -40~+70
Storage temperature range -55~+85
Number of flexing 30000
Pull 600N~1300N