About Us

Tara Technology, Inc. was established in December 1994. For over ten years we have represented U.S. manufacturers of high technology petroleum exploration products in the Asian marketplace. We introduce, present and market state-of-the-art U.S. products to international customers and assist with pre and post sale services. We facilitate development of seismic acquisition systems between U.S. and Asian oil companies. With its Headquarters in Houston, Texas, Tara Technology, Inc. has a joint office in Zhuozhou City in China.

Our business scope includes sourcing and selling a large range of equipment such as seismic cables and geophones, desert vehicles, drilling rigs, bits, wellhead assembly, etc.. We are now forming suitable joint partners to spearhead future activities in research, designing, manufacturing and developing new products to cater our customers needs.

We currently have operations in various countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and China. Our major clients include BGP/CNPC which is one of the largest geophysical prospecting companies in the world.

By providing fast, reliable and high quality products and services, we hope to forge a close relationship with our valued customer, and establish sustainable long term business relationships.